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Elk Grove Soccer &

Wilton Rancheria

Announce Partnership

Elk Grove Soccer Announces Partnership with Wilton Rancheria

Elk Grove, CA – May 29, 2024 – Elk Grove Soccer is proud to announce a new partnership with Wilton Rancheria, marking a significant milestone in our mission to develop and support soccer within the Elk Grove community and surrounding areas.

Elk Grove Soccer CEO, Andrew Donnery, stated, “We are delighted to announce Wilton Rancheria as a sponsorship partner. This partnership will enhance our continued commitment to developing and supporting soccer in Elk Grove. Our new partnership will enable us to offer many exciting new opportunities.”

Elk Grove Soccer is dedicated to developing, supporting, and helping the Elk Grove community and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to foster a lifelong love of soccer while creating opportunities for all community members. We work with over 400 teams, 6,000 players, more than 15,000 parents and volunteers, and 700+ officials to enhance the soccer experience for our community.

Wilton Rancheria and Elk Grove Soccer share common goals in partnership. We both encourage our youth to make healthy decisions, learn valuable skill sets for individual and team sports, experience a healthy dose of competition, understand the value of hard work and practice, and appreciate the importance of supportive communities. We hope the experience gained by the youth will be valuable and something they will want to continue throughout the seasons.

About Elk Grove Soccer

Elk Grove Soccer is committed to fostering the development of soccer in the Elk Grove community. We offer comprehensive programs for players of all ages and skill levels, aiming to promote a lifelong passion for the sport.

About Wilton Rancheria

After years of struggle, the Tribe regained its federal recognition in June 2009.  In November 2011, the Tribe adopted its modern Constitution, and since that time, the Tribe’s leadership has worked diligently to implement and further develop the tribal government.  Wilton Rancheria’s government is divided into four separate branches: a General Council, an Executive branch, a Legislative branch, and a Judicial branch.