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How to set up your rec practice schedule

This video will show you how to schedule your practices for the season. If you still have questions, please email Andrew Donnery. Good to go? Scroll down to reserve your practice field. 

Need a practice field - sign up here

Based upon your feedback, you now have a level of autonomy over scheduling your own practice. We have even provided a helpful video.


Please note: There are usually two evening time slots, one beginning at 5pm and the other at 6.30pm – they both run for 90 minutes. If there is no time slot available on a field of your liking this means the field is full. Please look at a different time slot, a different position on the field or a different location. U8 recreation teams and older train 2 days per week. Please schedule accordingly. If you would like to see current schedule for any of the fields, please click on the map (under the map of of our fields above) and it will show you a full calendar of events planned for that field. Some fields may be offline and may not be shown in the practice field sign up above. Any coach found over scheduling events or abusing  the scheduling option will be removed from the schedule and will lose the flexibility to schedule.

User Account: Our scheduling system will create a new Elk Grove Soccer user account for all new customers. If you are logged in, the new customer will be associated with the existing user account. You have the option to login using your FaceBook login info. 

All You Need To Know Regarding Using the Scheduling System

frequently asked questions

To see the location of our fields,  please click on the field map above to see the location and then scroll down and you will see the calendar where the coaches schedule their practices.  

If the field says it is unavailable it means that another coach has booked that section of the field. Please look for a different section of field that is not booked. 

NW- North West 

NE- North East

SW- South West

SE- South East  

N – North

S – South

E – East

W – West