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"We Love To support elite athletes in pursuit of excellence"

Elk Grove Soccer partners with the Elk Grove Charter School to deliver a unique soccer academic program. The program combines soccer training in the morning with individualized educational opportunities for students by combining classroom instruction, independent study instruction, and community and workplace educational experiences. This educational approach is for students who seek an alternative to the traditional classroom-only instructional approach. It is also an alternative to the Elk Grove Unified School District’s comprehensive and continuation high school programs.

Tailormade For the Elite Athlete

"We Provide Special Support
for our Student Athletes"

Our district’s mission is to provide a learning community that challenges all students to realize their greatest potential.

This Is Our Passion

Your student needs your help every week to complete their homework. Your first action as a parent/guardian is to eliminate the phrase “how are you doing on your school work”. The majority of students will respond affirmatively regardless of the truthfulness of the statement. We have seen success from parents/guardians who change the phrase to “let me see your homework”. You will find this will result in more actionable information, and less frustration. However, it may be difficult at first and I suggest having a conversation with your student about your change in phraseology.   

Great Teachers. Great Soccer. Great school

What our School Program Can Offer You

Students at Elk Grove Charter School follow the Elk Grove Unified School District requirements to earn either a Comprehensive High School Diploma or a Continuation Diploma. Therefore, in order to best meet the needs of our students, Elk Grove Charter School provides curricular instruction in both a traditional direct-instruction format and in an independent study environment. Specifically, our 7th through 10th grade students complete their core curriculum (i.e. english, math and science) in the traditional classroom setting.


Experienced teachers

Our teachers are among the best in the Greater Sacramento area.



Our school is free and our elite soccer training is free.



Explore learning through amazing interactive workshops.


Smaller class Size

Smaller class sizes enables our teachers to give more 1 on 1 tuition.

Elite Soccer Training

Train with an elite soccer coach four mornings per week.


Individual Study

Accelerate learning through tailor made study plans.

Meet The Principal

Marc LaVine

“EGCS has a long standing track record of success at assisting students and families in reaching their education goals. However, learning to navigate the specific delivery model at EGCS requires a concerted effort and possibly a change in practices at home. The following illustrates a weekly parent/guardian and student meeting format that has proven to be successful”

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