National Champions 02G Platinum

  National Premier League Champions Elk Grove Soccer 02G Platinum The championship was FC Elk Grove’s third major title of the calendar year...

Coming Up Events

Elk Grove Soccer Annual Meeting


Elk Grove Soccer will host its annual meeting on December 11, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. at the corporate office located at 9880 Waterman Road, Suite 100 in Elk Grove.

Officers & Board Members

The League’s nominating committee will submit the following officers and board members for election.

First Vice President

Dave Grove

Board Members 

Randy Cassens 

Jennifer Green

Jason Greer

Doug Mattos

Cheryl Russell

Keith Stephen

Carlo Verdugo


The Elk Grove Soccer Board will also recommend amendments to the organization’s Bylaws.  Click here to review.  If you have any questions about the board meeting or the bylaw amendments, feel free to contact

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