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Play Street Soccer

Program Director

Alex Herman

Program Information

Price $119

Age Group: 2013 / 2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008 / 2007

Location: Bartholomew Sports Park

Address: 10150 Franklin High Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95624

Day: Games on Friday 

Start Date : March 12, 2021 (no session on April 2)

End Date:  May 7, 2021

Time:  5.15pm – 6.30pm

Program Information

Elk Grove Soccer is keen to take advantage of the benefits in developing players for the bigger game. Individual close ball skills are developed through an increased number of touches during the game, whilst players are nearly always placed in reduced space situations and are constantly forced to make decisions demanding speed of thought and quick reflexes.

‘I think the best way to improve your skills is to play football on a smaller pitch. I didn’t play 11-a-side football until I was 13. In Brazil most kids play what we call futebol de salao, which is similar to five-a-side. On a small pitch you need to have good control and move the ball around quickly. There isn’t much space so you need to be skillful. That is why Brazil always produces players with great skill’.

Juninho – World Cup Winner Brazil


  • Fast action
  • Street Soccer = small side games
  • Meet new friends
  • Pick your own team
  • Grab your friends and join a team
  • A great experience for all players
Benefits of Street Soccer

For a lot of kids in America, this version of the game remains far from their grasp. There are no pick-up games to help them learn how to play and be playmakers, to realize their potential, and to really fall in love with the game. This isn’t something they’ll learn in a sterile academy world where players are treated like robots. They deserve the opportunity to get out in the streets and play. They might just change the future of American soccer while they’re at it. This is why we have this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Street Soccer

This program is created for you to express your skills and tricks while playing with your friends. 

We advise bringing a ball, shin guards and comfortable attire for sports. It is the winter academy so it may be cold, you can find elk grove soccer attire at – Hydration is always advised.  

 All players are welcome will be placed in the correct developmental group. 

Each week the teams will be selected and then begin to play. Teams will be selected by age. This gives you an opportunity to meet new friends and teammates each week.

Yes if you come into the program as a rec/comp team and would like to stay together that is an option. Please notify the program director Alex Herman at and let him know that you would like to stay together as a team. 

Players will participate in a group warm up and then play games in a street soccer environment. 

This program was created for coaches to be there but to allow our players the chance to express themselves in fun games. Minimal coaching will happen and creativity will flow!

All communication from Elk Grove Soccer will come through the SportsEngine App.

More information on SportsEngine can be found here: 

You only have to buy a uniform if your uniform from last year doesn’t fit.  We created what we believe to be an efficient and cost effective registration, by bringing prices down to $99 and including a uniform in the first year.  Our players can use that uniform until they outgrow it. They can buy a new one from us or trade with their friends easily due to the fact that we have branded our uniforms and logo throughout Elk Grove with the same home and away kits.  

We have a wide range of programs available. Please email Andy at

Yes we do.  Our program is called TOPS Soccer.  It’s for children with disabilities, including those with physical supports and wheelchairs.  Teams are put together based on ability, not by age.  It’s a wonderful program.  We provided players with Buddies, who help them play the game. 

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